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How to Use Linkedin to Find a Job

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How to Use Linkedin to Find a Job

How to use Linkedin to Find a Job


Linkedin was first launched in 2002 but it has skyrocketed as a tool used by recruiters over the past 5 years or so. If you are a job seeker and aren't on Linkedin, you are missing out – BIG TIME.

So, how so you use Linkedin to find a job? Let's go back to basics.


Why Recruiters Use Linkedin

Whilst recruiters still advertise their roles on job boards, most will use Linkedin as a search tool while they are waiting for applications to roll in. If a job vacancy is confidential or sensitive, a recruiter is likely to use Linkedin to search for ‘passive' candidates (those who aren't applying via job boards) if they are unable to advertise the role.

Job boards tend to only attract candidates that are currently looking for a role. A recruiter can search for passive candidates on job boards, but it's often a laborious process where out of date CVs are commonplace. Linkedin tends to be more up-to-date.

In my experience, Linkedin is the number one tool for recruiters to use to headhunt candidates, see who is working for competitors and create contacts for use now and in the future. It's online networking where a recruiter can cast their net wider (and faster) than perhaps they could using more traditional methods of candidate attraction.


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Create your profile

There are lots of ways in which you can create your Linkedin profile that I won't go into here. That's for another time.

Briefly, the most important part of creating your profile is that you must create a professional one! It does sound obvious but time and time again, I see profiles that look more like Facebook status updates. There's a lot of competition out there, so make sure your profile grabs the attention of the recruiter.

Ensure you keep your profile up-to-date and professional. Never, ever, write in the 3rd person. Here's why.


Avoid copying your CV

A huge mistake most job seekers make with their Linkedin profile is to copy and paste their CV. Boring! Your profile should sell you, your skills and results and not be a boring list of duties and responsibilities…zzzzzzzz…..

Most recruiters will read hundreds of profiles each week so make sure you stand out.


Be found. How to find a job using LinkedinBe found

In your summary or headline, let recruiters know that you are available and looking for a job. This will make it much easier for recruiters to shortlist you.

Your profile should be stuffed with keywords so that you can be found using typical search strings for your sector or job role. Work in retail? Make sure you have the word retail in your profile. Recruiters need to see at a glance that you work in the sector for which they are looking for candidates.

A word of warning though. Use keywords NOT buzz words. Buzz words are a big turn off for recruiters. Not sure what I mean? Read my blog post here on words that I ban from CVs.


Connect with the right people

Connecting and networking with the right people is the simplest and most effective way to use Linkedin to find a job. It will also show recruiters that you are well connected within your industry and you never know; you may have contacts in common, always a bonus!

Read updates from industry contacts and ask for help with connecting with others who may be able to help you.

Contact recruiters directly. I promise you, they will be delighted that you have saved them time! It is crucial that you build great relationships with recruiters. They are often the gatekeeper to you getting in front of the hiring manager.


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Follow companies you are interested in

Join groups and follow companies you are interested in working for. Many post their job adverts online so you will see opportunities pop up in your feed. You will also be able to see updates on expansions, exciting news and recruitment open days if they hold them. Don't sit back and wait for them to contact you – go get 'em!

So, what are you waiting for? Get registered, add your profile and use Linkedin to find a job.



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