Why Research is Crucial to Job Interview Success

Why Research is Crucial to Job Interview Success

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Why Research is Crucial to Job Interview Success

Why Research is Crucial to Job Interview Success

I cannot stress how important it is to research the company and job role prior to a job interview. Research is crucial to job interview success in several ways.


Research the company

Research is crucial to job interview successAsk any interviewer and most will tell you that an absolute deal breaker is if a candidate doesn’t know about the company. I know many interviewers, including myself, that have ended a job interview early because the candidate cannot present enough information pertaining to the company.

A common question asked during interviews is,“What do you know about us?” so make sure you can answer this effectively.


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You can find out an abundance of information from the company website if they have one, advertisements or stories in the press, television and even product packaging.


Research the company history
  • If you don't conduct adequate research prior to a job interview, competing candidates who do will be more likely to secure the role. Jules Halliday - Career SpecialistWhen was it founded and by whom?
  • What is their mission statement, values and culture?
  • How has the company developed and what plans do they have for expansion and development in the future?
  • Who is the big boss? Are there any other managers or directors?
  • Have they won any awards?
  • Do they offer training programs?
  • Any charity work or commitment to the local community?
  • What are the opening times?

These are just some of the things you could find out which will also help you plan your own questions in advance.


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Interview Questions and answers eBook instant download
Research the role

The job advertisement is a great place to start and once selected for an interview, candidates are often sent a more detailed job and person specification.

Take the time to analyse these documents and draw up a list of the most important essential criteria for both the professional and personal attributes. Then create a second list to match their requirements with your skills, knowledge, experience, and personality.




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Research competitors

Who are the direct competitors of the company and why? Are there any up and coming brands that could pose a potential threat in the short and long term future? Having a good commercial awareness is key and will show that you have taken a keen interest in the company and not just fired off a load of CVs hoping that you will land any job.

Take researching the company, competitors and the job role seriously. I promise you, research is crucial to job interview success. It will set you apart from all competing candidates if you have done your homework and can link your experience with what the company is looking for.


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