DO NOT Write in the 3rd Person on your CV

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Urgh! Writing in the 3rd person on your CV just doesn't cut it in today's job market, or if I am brutally honest – at all!

Think about it for a minute. You are writing your CV. Yes, YOU are writing YOUR CV, you know, that document you are going to send to employers telling them how fab YOU are? (Sorry about the “shouty” text capitals, but you know what I am like when I get a bee in my bonnet ;-)) So, isn't it a bit weird if you write about yourself pretending you are someone else writing about you? Urgh and double urgh! Did you get your head around that first time or did you have to read it again?

So here's the deal. If you are writing about you, make it sound like you are writing about you. If that doesn't make sense, we need to have a wee chat!

Here's an example…

Jane is an Area Manager with 5 years' experience in the retail sector. She is adept at motivating and leading a team to success, while delivering high standards of customer service. Jane is now looking for a Regional Management position and would like to speak with companies who can offer this career development.

Well, firstly, that's a rubbish profile, but secondly and perhaps more importantly, it just sounds a bit odd and quite pretentious.

To drive home my point a bit further, think about this text message. Jane sends a text message to her daughter…

Hi Claire, Mum would like to know what you would like for your dinner tonight. Please could you text Mum back to let her know. Thanks, love Mum xxx

How weird does that sound?

I hope you will join me in my one-woman crusade to end this nonsense 🙂









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