Some Testimonials

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write a testimonial.

Stripey Jumper says… “Jules has an infectious enthusiasm that coaxes the most reluctant and introverted learners to engage fully with those around them. A perceptive, insightful mind and an intuitive empathy for the individual learner's requirements allow her to convey targeted delivery of student support. Jules' clients are nurtured through a carefully planned, systematic training process, that first highlights the learner's needs, then encourages and supports the client in developing their own solutions to the problems faced in the employment market.

Jules' keen intelligence is only eclipsed by her razor sharp wit, capturing the assembled audience in mesmeric tutelage. Jules' knowledge, dedication and drive are second to none, the awards she has received speak for themselves – Jules' talents are unsurpassed.

“She dun learned me good” one might say.”

Bryony Nurse from Worthing says… “This course was beneficial for me and Jules was an excellent teacher, and I never get along with a teacher, but Jules was really good! :-)”

Michael Palmer from Worthing says… “Jules is a great teacher and I can't wait to call her with my finished course book. I look forward to hearing my results from the course.”

Sophie Colwell-Sigston from Worthing says… “Jules is a lovely tutor and I learnt a lot from her. Thank you!”

Theresa Winter from Worthing says… “Jules explained everything easily and thoroughly.”

Sir R.M. Christie Jnr from Lancing says… “Jules is a great teacher and friendly person. She made us all feel great about customer services.”

Hellen Adamson from Worthing says… “An indulging course that was well delivered by Jules. The course covered relevant areas pertaining to customer service and also challenged the learner on delivering good customer service. I have personally learnt a lot and would recommend this course to anyone wanting to go into customer service. Thank you Jules.”

Mr Jayke Robert Astbury-Freeman from Southwick says… “A great and friendly teacher who strives to help any who need it as well as willing to go that extra mile.”

Jackie Savage from Shoreham-by-Sea says… “Jules delivered the course clearly and was more than happy to explain those parts which needed more in-depth understanding.”

Anon from Hove says… “Unfortunately for me, I have been out of work for some time, and have been sent on a number of mandatory courses. (This was a mandatory referral from Job Centre Plus) Literally every one has been wholly without value, except this one, which was practical, insightful, and generally gave the impression of someone actually trying to think about us and analyse our needs, rather than just working through a pre-determined syllabus.”

Pauline King from Worthing says… “In all truth, I was dreading this course. Being in the entertainment industry as an actor/ singer, I was fully expecting to feel like a square peg in a round corporate box-ticking hole. Whilst a lot of the course indeed did not cater to my requirements, Jules, with her wealth of experience in the performing arts, tweaked the course as much as she could in order to accommodate my needs.I am most grateful for the understanding and humour – she made what could have been a ghastly situation human!”

Steven Hirst from Worthing says… “I enjoyed the course, the people and Jules who was very patient and considered my hearing problems when tutoring.”

Anon says… “Excellent Tutor Trainer.”

Mr Wezzo from Worthing says… “Well, she's a smiling person and great.”

Cecilia Bartolome from Hove says… “I appreciated the directions given by Jules as she highlights honesty and positivity, together with clarity when writing CVs.”

Shirley Ann Roberts from Worthing says… “I was worried about doing this course as I had already done one on employability skills. Jules covered a lot more areas and showed different aspects on how the interviewer can take the information on your CV better if written clearly & simply. It was a positive experience to better understand how the person that is interviewing you acts and thinks. I enjoyed this course and thought Jules was great at making us feel at ease. I will certainly smile when I see what she considers as “swear words” because I do now know it will definitely make me think to avoid them in the future.”

Danny from Lancing says… “I found Jules' class and the way she teaches very helpful. She has lots of patience with people and taught me a few useful things to do on my laptop I couldn't do before. Now I can send emails, expand my job search, create a CV and store and save my work. She's been more help than any Job Centre.”

Lawrence Cosgrave from Worthing says… “A very positive Tutor good at pointing out improvements in presentation of CVs. Good interview coaching skills and good interaction among the class.”

Mr T. Greenfield from Worthing says… “Jules comes across as competent and confident in her area of expertise. She was able to be assertive and keep the course on-track at times when I was spinning out of control. Jules knows her stuff and can deliver a well constructed work plan to help her students achieve their aims.”

Darren Chandler from Lancing says… “I had a good time with Jules. She helped me all the way through and I would come back. She has been brilliant to me. Thank you Jules.”

Tim A from Hangleton says… “Jules is a fun and exciting Tutor, who kept me and the group interested and engaged. She helped me identify my weaknesses and work out how to circumvent them to help with an interview situation.”

Ellikay from Hove says… “A great course for those unemployed people needing confidence building and guidance. I feel better enabled to try to secure the job that I want and for which I am qualified. Thank you.”

Nick Jeffery from Southwick says… “Jules is very knowledgeable about the type of things employers are looking for in terms of CVs, cover letters and interviews.”

Anon from Hove says… “I was very impressed with the way the course was set and done by the Tutor.”

Stuart McSorley from Hove says… “I attended a course Jules ran and it was delivered extremely well – a very positive learning experience. The greatest compliment I can say is that I would do it all again. I left in a very positive mood. Thank you Jules.”

Lesley Simpson from Worthing says… “Having attended the course, I have been invited to 3 interviews, with the hope to start full-time employment on the 11th November.”

Lynsey Winfield from Worthing says… “The course was helpful in some areas. Jules was a great Tutor; very understanding and helpful.”

Caitlin from Lancing says… “The course was better than I thought it would be. Jules has been very helpful and supporting.”

Martin Jazz Braumer from Worthing says… “I found it was very beneficial towards finding me work, because it has improved my interview techniques. My CV is much better now, I have a better understanding of cover letters, and I thought the Tutor was a nice woman, even though we didn't get along at first because of my attitude, so thank you.”

Colin from Lancing says… “Jules is a lovely lady, willing to help at the drop of a hat. Very professional with what she does – couldn't fault her. This lady will go far in whatever she does.”

Kevin Bell from Worthing says… “Thank you Jules for an enjoyable course. You have given me my confidence back and made me realise that I have a lot to offer in the work place.”

Matt from Worthing says… “Attending the course has massively helped me with CV and Cover Letter writing. It has also given me a lot more confidence in my prospects of finding a job.”

Kesia from Shoreham-by-Sea says… “I really enjoyed this course and think it has helped me a lot into looking for employment. Jules was a very good teacher and explained things really well.”

Jackie from Shoreham-by-Sea says… “Jules was an instrumental and inspirational trainer from whom I learned a lot. She was extremely patient and very competent at her job. Well done, Jules. We will all miss you.”

Taff Davies from Lancing says… “This has been the best course I've been on. We were learning and we didn't even notice. It has been non-stop laughter, and in between the laughs, the learning was non-stop. Jules Halliday has been fantastic and you could not ask for a better trainer anywhere. I would recommend her 100% and as well as that, she is a very nice person.”

Allie Young from Worthing says… “Jules, you are a fab trainer! I really enjoyed the course. You were so supportive and full of great ideas, and I am going away confident that I will find employment. Thank you so much for all your help and for giving me that extra confidence boost I needed!”

Sophie from Shoreham-by-Sea says… “I enjoyed the course to learn how to get a new CV and had a good time with the group and the Tutor.”

Gary C from Lancing says… “Thank you Jules for helping me with my CV and finding employment.”

Steven Newby from Worthing says… “The course has helped me have a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. It helped my interview skills and helped me reset goals for my future development and career.”

D Cunnell from Hove says… “I found the course to be extremely helpful and now have a greater knowledge and understanding of relevant skills, particularly in an interview context. Jules is an outstanding lecturer who can convey information in a clear, interesting and fun way! Something that's quite a rarity.”

Luke Lampreda from East Worthing says… “The help with my CV has been good and I have had replies from various recruiters and agencies, also the help with the interview techniques.”

Shane Feist from Shoreham-by-Sea says… “The help with my CV has been very good. I've had so much more interest from job vacancies since joining the course. Everything that Jules has taught me had been very productive. Would defo do it all again if I could.”

Hayden Tucker from Worthing says… “The course helped me a lot and Jules the Tutor helped me through planning and opening my own business and working through work books.”

Umit Ozbey says… “I have learned how to do a CV and also how to prepare myself for a job interview. I have enjoyed the course. Thanks very much.”

Charlotte from Shoreham-by-Sea says “I felt that the course helped me with my confidence in interview skills, researching recruitment agencies and searching for jobs.”

Lewis from Worthing says… “I thought overall the course was very useful towards gaining employment. Thanks Jules.”

Daniel from Lancing says… “I thought the course was good with a good Tutor and good group of people. The course was nicely planned out and understood. I enjoyed most of it like doing the event we had to design.”

D Chambers from Worthing says… “It was a very good course this past fortnight.”

Pete Salter from Worthing says… “Jules has opened my eyes and inspired me, not only with regards to the whole getting back into work thing, but personally too. She knows her onions, makes it interesting, fun and educational. There needs to be more Trainers like Jules :-)”

David Bishop from Worthing says… “Very focused and thorough in her technique.”

R.B from Hove says… “The course was well presented and interesting…the information was useful and helpful. Jules showed leadership and direction and her experience. Her practical approach benefited all members that attended the course. The content was interesting with purpose and helped me to achieve employment. Many thanks. Good practical advice!”

Heather Day from Shoreham-by-Sea says… “Jules was very good at teaching, explaining things and was encouraging.”

Jill S from Worthing says… “Jules, you can walk the walk and talk the talk and you are excellent at what you do. Thank you.”

Dillon Larg from Worthing says… “I came to this course with an open mind and after the first week, I found I had learnt alot. Getting back to work will be easier. Jules had been a great inspiration to me. She is a great Trainer.”

Marc Jeffery from Worthing & Kelly Fogden from Portslade say… “Jules is a shining beacon.”

Chris from Shoreham-by-Sea says… “Thank you Jules. You've been really supportive of us all. You know your onions and you've spurred me on to add your onions to my simmering casserole of job seeking.”

Frank from Hove says… “Jules was helpful and understanding from day 1. She knew what we were looking for with work and helped our confidence.”

Gill Walker from Worthing says… “I have enjoyed the course. Jules is so good at what she does. I have noticed she gives such uplifting comments to even the most timid of pupils who have little or no confidence. She really makes you believe in yourself.”

Chris Windross from Worthing says… “An experienced Trainer with a clear and confident manner and delivery. A good knowledge of employability skills required for today's job market with ‘real life' practical advice to improve and enhance the individual's employment prospects.”

Tony Nicklen from Sompting says… “Jules is a very effective and engaging trainer. She can tailor a course to match the needs of the students, so that more time is spent on subjects of greater benefit.”

E.Y from Worthing says… “I have written and re-written my CV several times, but after working with Jules on my CV, I feel my new CV reflects me and I actually feel I am going to get a job I want because it presents what I can do. Very excited for what's next. Thank you.”

Anon from Sussex says… “A well-presented course with some thought provoking exercises. The sessions were well paced and used the client's skills and experience to good effect. Many individuals improved their self-esteem by interacting with others and working together to find solutions to some of the set problems.”

Jo from Portslade says… “At first, I was really dreading being on this course. By the end, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Jules was very supportive and encouraging. I learnt so much and have more of a positive outlook. As a result, I have signed up for another course.”

Simon Edwards from Worthing says… “I found the course to be very beneficial to my future job search. After a few previous courses I have attended, I was slightly apprehensive. I found that Jules actually cared about our job prospects. The two weeks have taught me a few good ideas about getting back into full time employment. Unlike the other courses I have been on, I found Jules to be far more dynamic that a lot of previous Tutors I have encountered.”

Steve Miles from Worthing says… “Jules is a great teacher with a very pleasant nature. She is enthusiastic and eager to help everyone on the course and takes her time to help everyone no matter what speed you go at. Overall a very helpful and insightful course.”

Mr Wallace from Worthing says… “Jules was very encouraging and positive. I don't usually respond well to Government sanctioned schemes or the people who run them, but Jules seemed trustworthy and it wasn't long before I settled and made the most out of the course.”

Tracey Paris from Worthing says… “Overall helpful course, especially the CV work and interview tips. Nice environment. Thanks to Jules for an enjoyable two weeks.”

Gill Piner from Angmering says… “I thought Jules taught very well and gave everybody plenty of time to complete the tasks. I found the course enlightening and instructive and I learned lots of new ways to stand out and sell myself. As a group, we learned to pull together and help each other.”

Laura Bray from Lancing says… “Easy going course and helpful Tutor and a good group of people.”

Nicholas Souter from Worthing says… “I think the Tutor was very helpful.”

Steve Wood from Worthing says… “Thorough training. Experienced tutoring.”

Gaz Simmons from Southwick says… “I have made a lot of progress while on this course. I have a lot more confidence in myself and I had a job interview while here. I found the course very good and it has helped me out a lot.”

Marek Magerciak from Brighton says… “It's been a pleasure to have been part of the course, which helped me to be more confident. I would like to thank you for the help and support.”

Leila J Gordon from Southwick says… “Jules helped me get my self-confidence back. She's made me believe in myself and made it possible for me to update my job search skills. She made me feel that I can overcome several barriers; among them age, which I'd thought not possible to overcome. I'm now hopeful. Jules deals with learners in a friendly, respectful and enthusiastic manner. She understands what empathy is!! She's very knowledgeable and imparts her knowledge in an easy and understandable manner. Had I had a Tutor like her in the past, I'd most certainly have found a meaningful and sustainable job. I highly recommend this Tutor!! She's excellent!”

Tim Gebbett from Southwick says… “I found Jules to be very friendly and willing to help with any queries. I thought se was knowledgeable and seemed to have the answers to any questions put to her. I also thought she had the patience of a saint. The course was excellent and has proved very helpful. Well done, Jules.”

Linda Coomber from Hove says… “Jules was very nice. She told us all we needed to know and was very helpful. A very nice person to have known.”

Ossian from Brighton says… “Thank you for a confidence boosting fortnight. No one has ever taught me how to write a covering letter before and my CV is actually expressing the skills I do possess, rather than carefully avoiding those I do not. The course was a million miles away from drab and you made it fun and useful for all of us.”

Andy Wallace from Shoreham-by-Sea says… “I found Jules to be a great teacher. She’s very motivated and is not just there to collect a pay cheque. She is genuinely supportive and interested in finding the right career for you and getting you to look at the best of you.”

Lee Morley from Hove says… “Jules is an excellent and professional Tutor with a good and enthusiastic knowledge of her subject.”

Paul Stott from Mile Oak says… “At first I really didn’t want to be here, but after 2 days, I enjoyed the course. The Tutor explained things better than any other course I had been on and gave us insights into how employers see us and how they think.”

Alfonce from Hove says… “Very good trainer and tutor!”

A MacLeod from Shoreham-by-Sea says… “I had a suspicion I needed to adopt a new mindset in my search for work, and this was what Jules suggested to us, and fostering a positive and imaginative attitude to gaining work; employed or self-employed.”

“Having started the course with some trepidation, I was impressed by the methods used to help the various members with I.T skills.”

Huw Martin from Haywards Heath says… “Jules Halliday is a cheerful, conscientious and compassionate person. She is committed to educating and helping her students to enrich their lives especially as they seek new employment. She does not suffer fools gladly. She offers constructive advice and displays an enormous amount of stamina.”

Perry from Lewes says… “I have previously done courses connected to funding work and found this course more suitable to my needs and it was demonstrated in a very good manner by the Tutor in comparison to the previous courses I have attended.”

Ian Parker from Burgess Hill says… “Jules has helped me look a lot more closely at job adverts to see what they are looking for in an employee. She has also inspired me to change my ways in view to diet and what I eat. Her help has been amazing in getting me a CV that actually sells myself better than my old one had and overall her course was really good.”

Andrew Newnham from Lewes says… “Jules made the lights come on. The course was bang on message!”

Phyllis from Hassocks says… “Jules is a very good Tutor. She is very good at her job.”

MC Hall from Haywards Heath says… “When I first started the course, I thought I wasn't going to like it as I had already done a similar one but I really enjoyed it. I had a giggle and wish I could have Jules for all other courses in the future.”

Nicholas from Burgess Hill says… “Jules is a good teacher and adviser. I wish Jules all the very best in the future. Rock on Jules!”

Sarah Callahan from Burgess Hill says… “When I started the course, I was put out of my comfort zone. Jules has boosted my confidence in revisiting a career in piercing after I doubted my self doing it. Jules is honestly the most awesome Tutor I have had.”

Martin from Haywards Heath says… “Jules was an outgoing Tutor who helped enormously. She gets on with everyone despite a few gripes now and again. Jules helped in all areas from application forms to interview techniques and helped me out with computer applications too. Jules also helped people to talk to one another and the group sessions got everyone to open up more. I am getting much better with my confidence thanks to Jules.”

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