Job Interview Tips Weekly Podcast

Job Interview Tips Weekly Podcast

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Job Interview Tips Weekly PodcastJob Interview Tips Weekly Podcast

I now have a job interview tips weekly podcast. In each episode, I share answers to the most common interview questions, together with the toughest and downright insane.

Learn what you need to do to provide succinct, factual and engaging answers to set you apart from competing candidates.

There are 4 episodes already, which you can find here.




Job Interview Tips Weekly Podcast

FREE Bonus Download

For a limited time, if you subscribe to my podcast, you will receive a free, bonus document to help you to answer the job interview question, “What is your weakness?”

In it, you will discover the 9 BIG MISTAKES candidates make when answering this question.

I will share with you why you should NEVER attempt to disguise a strength as a weakness, plus much more.

You will also learn 5 easy steps to structure your answer so that you impress the interviewer.

To find out more about the job interview tips weekly podcast, follow this link.



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