How to stop interview nerves. Free Podcast

Job Interview Tips Podcast Ep8 How to Stop Interview Nerves

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How to stop interview nerves. Free PodcastHow to Stop Interview Nerves

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Everyone gets nervous before or during a job interview. If you know someone why says they don't, I bet they are probably lying, or not particularly

bothered about securing the role.

It's perfectly natural to suffer from job interview nerves and if you channel them in the right way by reducing and controlling them, they could increase your focus and performance.

If, however, you are a bag of nerves, this episode – how to stop interview nerves – will help.

By the end of the episode, you will have several techniques under your belt to ensure you enter the interview feeling confident and prepared. Are you ready to be a success? I hope so!

If you haven't already listened to the rest of the episodes in the series, please do! They will help you to prepare, plan and deliver great answers to the most common job interview questions, some really tough ones and also some crazy, off the wall ones.




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This is episode 7 in my weekly podcast series Job Interview Tips. You can find episode 1 here – Introduction & Icebreaker Questions.

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Episode 7 – How to answer the question “What interests you about this job?” follow this link.



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