Job interview questions about dislikes & contribution

Job Interview Tips Podcast Ep4 Dislikes & Contribution

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Job Interview Tips – Questions About Your Dislikes & Contribution


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Job Interview Tips for Questions About Your Dislikes and Contribution

Yuk! Some of the trickiest job interview questions surround your dislikes. How on earth so you answer them without appearing negative or downbeat?

Never fear, Jules is here! I have plenty of job interview tips in this episode to get you over this hurdle. You will learn how to positively answer negative questions. It's not as difficult as you think.

In the second part of the episode, we will cover how you should discuss the contributions you made with your current and former employers. These questions can be posed to you in a variety of ways, so we will cover all bases and I will share lots of job interview tips with you.

Being asked questions about your contribution is your golden opportunity to shine. I will go through how you can talk yourself up to the interviewer without appearing cocky or arrogant. You will feel great by the time I have finished with you!


This is episode 4 in my weekly podcast series Job Interview Tips. You can find episode 1 here – Introduction & Icebreaker Questions.

Episode 2 – How to answer the job interview question “Tell me about yourself” can be found here.

Episode 3 – How to answer questions about your current role is here.


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