Job interview questions about your current role

Job Interview Tips Podcast Ep3 Questions About Your Current Role

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Job Interview Questions About Your Current Role


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In a job interview, you can bet your life you will be asked questions about your current role.

In this situation, it is vital that you avoid falling into the trap of rattling off a list of duties and responsibilities. Most candidates do that! The interviewer wants to know the detail – the real detail – and not just the summary you have written on your CV.

During this episode, I share how you can answer questions about your current role to ensure you stand out from competing candidates. You will learn how to cross reference the job role and company to which you are applying to add substance to your answers. Doing this will show the interviewer you are serious about the role and will add value to the organisation.


This is episode 3 in my weekly podcast series Job Interview Tips. You can find episode 1 here – Introduction & Icebreaker Questions.

Episode 2 – How to answer the job interview question “Tell me about yourself” can be found here.

A job interview is not just about the interviewer asking you questions. You should ask questions too! Here are some great ones to ask during and at the end of your job interview.

If your job applications keep getting rejected, this could be why.

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