Job interview question - Tell me about yourself

Job Interview Tips Podcast Ep2 Tell Me About Yourself

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Tell me about yourself – Job interview question


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The job interview question Tell Me About Yourself is the one I find candidates struggle with the most.

We tend to find it difficult during a job interview to talk about ourselves! Why is that?

During this episode, I share how you can answer “Tell me about yourself” easily so that you are setting the tone of the interview in a professional, confident manner. You will learn what NOT to say and how you can link your answer to exactly what the interviewer is looking for.

This is episode 2 in my weekly podcast series Job Interview Tips. You can find episode 1 here – Introduction & Icebreaker Questions.

Do you dread filling out job application forms? Read my 10 top tips here.

Are you not getting replies from recruiters and companies? Here are the reasons why.

Read about my golden rule for presenting, which will help you construct your job interview answers.


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