How to Create a Brilliant Personal Statement on Your CV

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The personal statement on your CV is the first thing recruiters read and helps them quickly make a decision on whether to read further. It is therefore crucial that your personal statement is fabulous and says exactly what you can do in a nutshell.

All too often (in fact, pretty much all of the time), I read personal statements that mean absolutely nothing and are littered with unsubstantiated claims or “buzz words.”

Stop wasting your time by including words such as hard working, highly motivated, dynamic, team player and so forth. Nobody cares! These words don't actually mean anything and are just your personal opinion. They don't tell the reader who you are, the experience you have and why they need to call you to arrange an interview.

I invite you to register for my free webinar, which explains this in more depth so that you can create a personal statement that gets results. Take your time to craft a brilliant personal statement so that you stand out from all the competing candidates. When applying for jobs, quality over quantity will always win the day.

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