The Golden Rule of Presenting

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When you are presenting a pitch, speech or answering job interview questions that ask for a scenario or examples, it is crucial that you adopt the golden rule of presenting, which is the 20/70/10 technique.

Each story you tell or each speech you give should have a beginning, a middle and an end. Obvious eh? Yep, but time and time again, I coach people who struggle with getting their point across succinctly while keeping their listeners engaged.

Adopting the 20/70/10 technique is a simple strategy, yet is without a doubt, the golden rule of presenting.

Your introduction is key to setting the scene of what you are about to say. It's the carrot you dangle in front of your listeners to entice them to prick up their ears for the main content. This should be 20% of your overall content.

The next 70% is your main story – the point you have to get across – the bulk of your presentation.

The final 10% is the ending. Short and sweet. There's nothing worse than listening to a speaker or interviewee, who keeps talking, and talking, and talking when in actual fact their story has finished. Wrap up what you have to say quickly so that the listener is left on a high, wanting more and is still basking in the enjoyment of your main content – the 70%.

Simple huh?

Right, I'm signing off now…before I start waffling! If you need help with public speaking, presentations or job interviews, call or email me.


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