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Why the Personal Statement on Your CV Sucks!
Why the Personal Statement on Your CV Sucks!

Join me on this free webinar to find out why the Personal Statement on Your CV Sucks!

The personal statement on your CV is your golden opportunity to entice recruiters to read your CV fully and invite you to a job interview, yet so many people get it wrong.

I have read thousands of CVs during my career and spent years researching what gets results. Using my proven method, I will show you why you are making a big mistake with your personal statement so that you will get more responses from recruiters and employers in the future.

I will show you:

  • Why your personal statement makes your CV destined for the bin
  • Examples of bad personal statements
  • Words I BAN from CVs (I bet you use lots of them)
  • Why your current personal statement is naff
  • The reasons you should NEVER use ready made templates
  • Why your personal statement may make you look dishonest
  • How to stand out from competing candidates
  • How to ensure you achieve your career goals – FAST!

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