Free Career Resources

Free Career Resources

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Free Career Resources


Free career resources for you”

Everyone loves a freebie, me included!

Read on for some free career resources to help you excel in your work-life.


Free Weekly Podcast

Have you listened to my free, weekly job interview tips podcast yet? At the time of writing, there are 18 episodes with another one coming out tomorrow.

Learn how to stand out from competing candidates by making your answers bespoke to you and the company to which you are applying.

  • Discover why you should NEVER Google job interview answers.
  • Hear success stories from those who have listened to these free career resources.


Free bonus download

Job interview tips podcast bonus
Subscribe to my weekly podcast and receive a FREE, EXCLUSIVE bonus document to help you tackle the question “What is your weakness?”

Sign up for my free. NO SPAM, job interview tips podcast and receive a free bonus download on how to answer the job interview question, “What is your weakness?”

In it, you will learn…

The 9 BIG MISTAKES that candidates make


5 easy steps to creating some great answers to use in interviews
Why you should never try to portray a strength as a weakness
Why you should choose a real weakness and how to choose the right one
How you can stand out from competing candidates
How you can give the interviewers the answers they want to hear every time.

You will also get free access to…

My free weekly email of career tips
My free weekly podcast of job interview tips
Exclusive content and special offers for career success


Free salary checker

How to ask for a pay rise at work. Jules Halliday - Career Specialist

Use this free salary checker to find out if you are being paid the market rate for your role.

Are you being paid enough?!

What salary could you command in your next role?

Is your salary in line with your experience and talent?

If not, you need to start negotiating a higher salary. A salary you deserve.

Learn how to negotiate a pay rise at work by clicking on the picture on the left or here.



Free Graduate guide

Free graduate guide to find a job after university or collegeThis is an essential free resource for graduates looking to secure a job after college or university.It's a no-nonsense guide. I don't fluff things up!

It's a no-nonsense guide. I don't fluff things up!

Graduates will learn EXACTLY the steps they need to take to ensure a solid career head start. No mucking about, no false hope and certainly no ego stroking.

This is a tough-talking, step-by-step career resource for graduates who take their career seriously.

Not a graduate? Please share with someone who will find it helpful.

This will also help those wishing to return to work after a career break.



Free your CV

Free my CV. Send your CV to multiple job boards
Click on the picture to submit your CV to multiple job boards.


This is a fantastic free tool where you can upload your CV or resume once and it will distribute it to all relevant job boards. saving you lots of time.

Save yourself lots of time.

Stop spending hours trawling through numerous job boards.

Find out which job boards are best for your skills and experience.

Get found by recruiters and employers!

Do it NOW!



Free career tips

Free career blogCheck out my blog posts for lots of free career resources.

  • Career articles
  • Job interview tips
  • CV & resume writing tips
  • Cover letters and personal statements
  • How to climb the career ladder
  • How to stay motivated at work
  • And lots, lots more…


More free career resources

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Not free but excellent value!

If you are serious about your career, check out my books, which you can download instantly as eBook versions from this site.

You can also find them on Amazon here as print and Kindle editions.

Interview Questions and answers ebook instant download
Interview Questions and answers eBook instant download
CV Creator
CV Creator – How to write a CV that gets results. Instant eBook download.
Stop the Dream Thieves eBook Download
Stop the Dream Thieves – 6 steps to living the life you want and deserve. Instant eBook download.




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