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Lack of confidence or low self-esteem can prevent you from achieving your goals in life and in certain circumstances; be debilitating. Improving these areas, will significantly impact positively in all areas of your life, and give you a sense of self-fulfilment and achievement. Having confidence is instrumental in allowing you to be yourself and ultimately live the life you want.

With this in mind, I have now launched the Confidence Coaching Academy from my Training & Coaching Rooms in Worthing for children and adults. The academy is designed to cater for small groups in a series of workshops or block sessions of 6, and will include some of the following depending on the group:

  • Reducing worry
  • How to eliminate self-doubt
  • Building trust in yourself and others
  • Coping strategies for a variety of situations
  • Body confidence
  • How to stop procrastinating
  • Stop thought sabotaging you
  • Dealing with school/ work life/ parenting
  • Career confidence/ returning to work
  • How to project a positive and relaxed demeanour
  • Relationship building and developing
  • How to recognise and build on your own strengths
  • Learn how to take responsibility for your actions
  • Ways in which to control your feelings and emotions in challenging times
  • Recognising what success and happiness is to you and how to stop trying to please or compare yourself to others
  • How to accept compliments, praise and feedback
  • Reducing sensitivity and negativity to comments
  • How to be assertive in a variety of situations
  • How to ensure you have a greater enjoyment of life
  • And more…

For all kids group workshops, click here.

For Kids aged 5-8yrs click here

For kids aged 9-12 yrs click here

For kids aged 13-18 yrs click here


Please click on the links above for full information on each class or workshop, or click below to book now.


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One-to-one sessions are available face-to-face, by telephone or Skype – more details can be found here.

Workshops for schools, organisations and businesses are available upon request. Please call me on 01903 210206 or 07900 934073 for further details.



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