Interview Coaching & Feedback

Securing a job interview is quite a feat when there are many more applicants for each role than ever before. Interviewers are asking tough questions and challenging candidates on not only their competency, but testing reactions to behavioural, academic and hypothetical lines of questioning to ensure their time and ongoing investment in new hires makes financial sense. It's costly for businesses to recruit and train new staff. With so many businesses suffering in recent years, it is crucial that their recruitment and interview processes are robust. That's where interview coaching and feedback can benefit you.

What is involved in interview coaching and feedback sessions?

My interview coaching and feedback sessions can be booked as either 50 minutes or 1 hour & 15 minutes telephone, Skype/ Google Hangout calls or face-to-face at my Training & Coaching Rooms in Worthing. There's also an additional 10-15 minute consultation and unlimited email support for one week after the session. Single sessions or block bookings are available, which we will discuss during your consultation to establish your needs.

To book your interview coaching consultation, simply call me on 07900 934073 or 011903 210206 or fill out a contact form with the best times to contact you and I will give you a call back. We can then agree on an appropriate time to run the sessions.

After your consultation, you will be sent a link to fill out a short consultation form. This will include a series of questions to help me prepare effectively for our sessions. There will also be an option to upload your CV and also any job descriptions and person specifications of positions you are applying for (optional).

Once I have this information and after your consultation, I will review and analyse our conversation and supporting documents to prepare for your interview coaching session. This means I can ensure realism and identify possible strengths, weaknesses and competency gaps. I must stress that these interview coaching sessions are catered for you and you only – not off the peg – so that each question I ask will be absolutely based on your own CV and company or job role to which you are applying. It's all about making you the best candidate!

In the interview coaching call, I will take you through both general and tough interview questions based on your CV, company and job role. I will then feedback to you on how you can increase your chances of success. Together, we will work through the questions you find challenging and create winning answers with clear, confident delivery techniques.

After the interview coaching session, I will create an email report for you based on the feedback. This will include strategies to move you forwards to success, so you can refer back to this whenever you need to. You will also have unlimited email follow up for one week after the coaching call should you have any questions.

If you feel you need more practise, I offer discounted rates for more than one session.

Contact me now or book online.

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