Can you be contacted?

Can you be Contacted?

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So, it's been a weird old day today. I received an email confirming my appointment for Gastric Band Surgery. Yikes! I guess I could do with losing a few pounds, but surgery? Thankfully, I hadn't “slept-booked” and this was sent in error to me. Phew! The real recipient was someone who has a similar email address to another one I use.

The second oddity was a text message from someone asking me how much I charge to put together an X-Box. Now, I would say I am quite good on the techy front, but that's pushing the boundaries. Predictive text was to blame this time; the enquiry was for a CV.

So what's my point? Well, actually, it got me thinking about correspondence between candidates and prospective employers.

One thing I always ensure my clients double and triple check when applying for jobs, is their contact details. If a recruiter is trying to get hold of them and their details are incorrect or appear incorrect, then they may just miss the boat to an opportunity. I always advise that not only should their email address be professional – or may not send out positive, professional signals, but also the use of underscores and dots within them.

If your email address has an underscore eg. this may not be spotted if a hyperlink or underline is in place. See what I mean? The same goes for a dot could look

Can you see how it all but disappears? As recruiters work on speed, this may mean that your email bounces back and in the meantime, they have just moved onto the next candidate. Nightmare!

So, my wise words of the day are: Create another email address that is dedicated to your job search activities where no mistakes can happen.

As for predictive text, the advice is simple…pick up the phone and talk to people; it will get you places faster than I can put together an X-Box 😉




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