Pre-Employment Checks

So you've found a great candidate and want to extend an offer of employment. You believe he/ she was credible, trustworthy, has a fab career history and they will come on board with a 6-month probationary period. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right? WOAH! Hang on a minute!

If you buy a new car, you'll perform a history check. You'll likely want it to come with a MOT and assurance that it is safe to drive.

If you find a new romantic partner, it is likely that you will find out as much as you can about them through the dating process before jumping into marriage.

Now, while I can't play cupid's arrow or ensure your vehicle is road legal (although I can recommend Cedar Garage in Worthing…amazing business!), I can perform pre-employment checks to ascertain the credibility of your new prospective employee.

  • CV screening – Almost all CVs are embellished or are full of unsubstantiated claims. I can pre-screen your candidates to get the information you require
  • Reference checking – It's crucial to gain an insight into past performance for previous employers and character of the candidate
  • Qualification checking – Are the candidate's grades, awarding bodies and educational institutions correct? You'd be surprised how many candidates forget to mention they dropped out of their course before completion or the licences they claim to hold have expired
  • Performance claims – Did your candidate really exceed their targets by 150%? Were they really solely responsible for adding £100k to bottom-line? Let's find out
  • Career Gaps – What happened and what did they do in between employers?
  • Right-to-work – Are they legally compliant to work in the UK? Did you know you can be fined up to £20k per employee or worse if they are not legally entitled to work in the UK?
  • And so much more…

Call me today to discuss your immediate and longer term needs to ensure you don't make costly mistakes.