Job Advert Writing

OK, so you know what you are looking for and you know all about your business, but putting it together into an engaging job advert to attract high-quality candidates whilst ensuring you aren't breaking any employment legislation results in writer's block?

I understand!

Tell me what you are looking for, your goals, timeframe and where you plan to advertise (or I can advise you on this), then I will create a job advert on your behalf.

Some Considerations:

  • To attract a high volume of candidates online, your ad must be search engine optimised
  • Keywords must match candidate searches otherwise your ad won't be found
  • Your ad must not be discriminatory in any way
  • Asking for xxx years of experience is a big no-no
  • The best candidates are not interested in job ads that state “team player, work on own initiative, energetic, loyal” etc…boring, boring, boring
  • The least relevant candidates to your requirements will apply to ads that are full of “team player, work on own initiative, energetic, loyal” etc as they think “I can do that!”
  • The words you use should reflect your target audience
  • A job ad is VERY different from a job description
  • A professionally written, targetted job advert will save you time in sifting through piles of unqualified candidates and stop you pulling your hair out!

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