Employee Investigations

There's no nice way to put this, but unless you are living on the moon while your business runs without you, you have probably had, from time-to-time, a sneaking suspicion that not all employees who call in sick are honestly poorly. Maybe your gut instinct is telling you there are other reasons for absenteeism in your workforce? True?


A recent study conducted by Catapult uncovered that UK businesses lose 6.9 days per year due to absenteeism at a whopping cost of £100 billion to the British economy.

Wow! This averages out at around £554 per employee, per business.

Can you afford to give each of your employees and additional £554? Can you afford to lose 7 working days of productivity? If you can, great! If not, please read on.

Warning Signs
  • Is your gut telling you something different from your head?
  • Is there a pattern to your employee's absence? For example, do they always choose Mondays to be sick, attend the dentist/ GP etc?
  • When the sun shines, your staffing levels dim?
  • Do major sporting events result in regular bouts of food poisoning?
  • Your employee has had more than their fair share of “family emergencies”
  • They appear to live in the unluckiest home – washing machine has flooded again, no water, locked out, broken window, car blocked in and any equivalent of “the dog ate my homework”
  •  You suspect (or know) they have another job/ are moonlighting

I am sure you have more…the list is potentially endless, so feel free to add your comments below!

Now, you may think I am old and cynical. That's fine, however, maybe I have set the thought cogs in motion and you know that fake absenteeism is costing your business time, money and credibility. Bottom line – it's fraud.

I provide employee investigation services on your behalf to give you peace of mind (or not) that your employee is where they say they are. Just to be clear – we DO NOT use any methods of entrapment. Absolutely everything we do is within the realms of the law. We do not do anything to catch an employee out or lure them into a trapped situation.

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