Make sure your contact details are on your CV

Are YOU Making This Mistake on Your CV?

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It never ceases to amaze me the amount of CV/ resumes I read each week that don't have any contact details on them. I know! Bonkers isn't it?

It's so frustrating for a Recruiter when, after spending hours searching for a candidate that fits the criteria for the role, they find a beauty but can't get in contact. Grrr! It drives me potty!

Are YOU making this mistake on your CV?

The use of job boards to apply for roles is increasingly popular and although you create an account with your contact details, these are not always visible to a recruiter. Even if they are, most recruiters download, save or print CVs to refer to them later, so unless your contact details are on your actual CV, it is very unlikely that the Recruiter will go back into the job board to track you down. Scratch that – they WON'T track you down – they are too busy and chances are, they will already be on the hunt for a new candidate.


Remember to include your contact details at the TOP of your CV


Make sure that your contact details are on your CV on the first page at the top. Include your name, email and mobile number at a bare minimum. Also, consider adding your Linkedin profile and links to your website or blog if applicable. Furthermore, if you are applying for a job via Linkedin, it's the same rule. Make sure your contact details are included.

Finally, make sure you include a cover letter. Yes, Recruiters read them and it will set you apart from candidates who don't take the time to write one. Make sure your contact details are on your cover letter too. Double whammy!

It sounds simple, doesn't it?


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