6 things to take to a job interview

6 Things to Take to a Job Interview

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6 Things to Take to a Job Interview

Great! You've secured a job interview. Now is time to get prepared fully. So what do you take with you? Here are 6 things to take to a job interview.


Your CV

6 things to take to a job interview


Take at least two copies of your CV and cover letter. Yes, the interviewer has already received a copy of your CV but you should take a couple of copies to be on the safe side. The interviewer may have forgotten to print a copy or the printer may be broken. I know of several instances when the interviewer has sat before the candidate with the wrong CV! Having copies with you will also allow you to do some final swotting up before you sit on the hot seat.

Here are another 5 things to take to a job interview.


6 things to take to a job interview

Supporting documentation

Supporting documentation, such as certificates, examples of your work or recent CRB check with you in a folder, portfolio or bag which enable you to present them unfolded. You might also like to consider taking the job description and any notes you have on the company with you too so you can do some last-minute swotting up.


Notebook & Pen

6 things to take to a job interview

Have a notebook and pen easily accessible with your planned questions written down so you can use these either to take notes or as a point of reference if you have a history of your mind going blank due to nerves.

You can also use your notebook & pen to write down any information the interviewer gives you that you may need to remember, such as a date for a second interview or name of a contact.



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6 things to take to a job interviewDirections & Contact Details

If you have a map of the venue then take that too or download it to your phone. Make sure you know exactly where you are going and alternative routes in case there is a delay. You must not be late for your job interview. Many companies class lateness as a deal breaker. Many simply won't see you if you are late. Don't take the risk.

Ensure you have the contact details of the organisation with you just in case something happens which is outside of your control.



6 things to take to a job interview



When you are nervous or stressed, you may be more thirsty than usual. Talk a bottle of water with you. Sip at regular intervals but don't go too heavy on it – nerves and stress tend to make you need the loo!


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