5 Reasons to Consider Temporary Work to Boost Your Career

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One thing I hear all the time from job seekers is that they don't want to consider temporary work, particularly if it is through a recruitment agency. They often cite “it's a waste of time” or “I might get offered a permanent role while I am working a temporary contract”, and even worse “Recruiters never call me!” and so forth.

Recruitment agencies often get a bad rep, but as an ex-Recruitment Consultant, I am on a bit of a mission to stick up for them, as I believe that they are often the catalyst to career longevity and success.

Look out for my other blog posts on how recruiters can work in your favour, before the end of the year, but to get you started (after you have finished reading this one, of course!), you can read here for 7 Steps to Choosing a Recruitment Consultant.

So, let me give you 5 reasons to consider temporary work, and I do hope you will really think about it.

1. Being Out of Work is a Real Waste of Your Time

If you are out of work and are refusing to consider temporary work, you are, in effect, wasting your time. The longer you are out of work, the harder it will generally be to secure the job of your dreams. Employers don't necessarily discount those who are unemployed (trust me; I get long term unemployed clients into work every week), however, when push comes to shove, they are more likely to hire someone who has taken a small step forwards in order to stay on the career ladder rather that someone who has done nothing other that job search and sit back waiting for the golden goose to lay their career egg.

2. Learn New Skills

Regardless of the temporary job role on offer, it will teach you new skills, which will most likely be transferable to your chosen career, even if you don't think it initially. What are you going to learn while you are unemployed? Maybe something, but will it be valuable to a future employer? Ask yourself objectively what you have to gain by refusing to consider temporary work. Don't dig deep; if you do, there's a likelihood you will justify the reasons why. Be honest, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel.

3. Broaden Your Network

Meeting new people is often the key to finding a permanent job role. My regular readers and clients will tell you that I always bang on about “People buy people” – if you are sitting at home, or not getting out there to meet new people, you are significantly reducing your chances of broadening your professional network and ultimately finding a new permanent role. Taking a temporary role can be the step forwards to introducing you to new people, and it will give you the chance to impress them.

4. Impress Your Temporary Boss

People move on. For example, December is a great month where temporary roles are in abundance, particularly in retail, warehouse and logistics roles BUT and I mean BUT, just because the roles have been advertised as temporary, it doesn't mean you have to wave “Cheerio” on 31st December. The same applies for roles in the Hospitality Industry from March right through to the end of the year.

Many companies will be looking to retain some of their temporary workers through the early part of the year to cope with the demand of the inevitable sales and returns season or last minute hotel bookings while rooms tend to be cheaper. Best of all, some staff will leave. Yes, peeps, you heard it hear first! Some will leave, some will be fired, some will become pregnant and some will retire. Shocker! Great news for you, right? If people leave, the Boss will have to hire replacements, and you have as good a chance as anyone, providing you have done a good job, but here's the kicker…you have to have actually accepted the temporary job in the first place! You're just as good as anyone else out there, you know you are!

5. Consider Temporary Work Via a Recruitment Agency

I bet you were wondering when I would come to that, weren't you?

Lots of employers hire recruiters and recruitment agencies to source temporary staff as they have a ready-made candidate base. If you haven't registered with them, you could be missing out on some great opportunities.

In most instances, the recruitment agency will become your employer and outsource you to the company looking for temporary staff. The great thing about this is that you get the chance to build up a good professional relationship with the agency and prove that you are a good, reliable worker. This means that even if the temporary contract comes to an end, you are more likely to step into another role if the agency values you.

When I worked in recruitment, I would recommend that my candidates took temporary roles to build up their CV and while they were out working, I would be constantly searching for a permanent role for them so that when the contract finished, there would be something more stable for them to go to.

If you struggle to provide good references, then this route is even better for you, because once you have worked for the agency, they will be able to provide you with a reference and speculatively talk to their other clients about you, which is often a great way to get your foot in the door of a company who may not advertise their vacancies or consider your application otherwise.

I do hope you will consider temporary work in the future if you are struggling to find a new permanent role. For details of agencies and other help available, visit www.allukjobsites.com or register your CV on CV Library where recruiters will be able to find you. For coaching, give me a call or contact me by email here.

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